Dome Piece 2: Electric Boogallo

| April 17th, 2022 |

It’s almost as if the East Coast teased us with the grand opening of Big Snow—it truly was our American dream. The fact that at any time, regardless of the season, any boarder could make the trek to a mall in New Jersey and stack as many clips as they wanted was inspiring. Hell, it was liberating.

These initial months were promising—a handful of edits and contests were coming out of one of the least expected states. However, when we least expected it, this fever dream was cut short by a haphazard fire this past September.

Now, after a full winter without our favorite pseudo boarding dome, there is a prospective reopening date set for Memorial Day weekend. Maybe it wasn’t a fever dream after all.

So, in anticipation for a summer full of boarding, we’re reintroducing the Dome Piece series, an inside look into the happenings of Big Snow through the lens of Connor Lowe.

Video by: Connor Lowe

Featuring: Tommy Barger, Tara Kipilla, Luke Williams, Ben Williams, Jack Donohue, Emmett Dawd, Jon Koch and Alex Caccamo.


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