Day In, Day Out | Episode 4 | “dreamcastle”

| April 27th, 2022 |

Snowboard films do a great job at capturing the unfrequented shots. This is great and all, but that 4 second clip only scratches the surface of what actually went down. So, in an attempt to prioritize this transparency, The Day In, Day Out series captures not only the make, but (more so) the journey it took to get there.

Episode 4 brings us to a brisk day in Omaha, Nebraska with the Dustbox as they embark on their 70+ day road trip for dreamcastle. For 19 straight minutes, Robby, Dan, and Cooper’s enigmatic aesthetic and filming process, which is usually only perfected to the public, is now broken down to a T.

Sit down, get comfortable, and enjoy an inside scoop into a seemingly everlasting day of filming for this year’s VOTY.

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