Day In, Day Out | Episode 3 | “how dark blue feels”

| April 21st, 2022 |

The realities of filming a snowboard movie are often misconstrued by social media. The occasional Instagram post or story doesn’t do it any justice. So, in an attempt to highlight the dynamic reality of filming a snowboard movie, we’ve brought back the Day In, Day Out series. Hopefully understanding the ebbs and flows of some of your favorite riders will put the gravity of street snowboarding into perspective.

In this debut episode, we follow Bryden Bowley and the boys during a rainy day in Jamestown, NY, as they film for how dark blue feels. From the confines of Pete’s house, constituted by the kitchen table that doubles as the breakfast buffet and Miles’ rolling area, to the raw clips from one of our favorite spots in the movie, we hope this episode gives you some context into their ever changing winter.

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All photos by Bryden Bowley


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