Day In, Day Out | Episode 2 | Dustbox, I wanted most

filmed & edited by Colt Morgan

February 22nd, 2020 – Montreal, Canada – At this point in the Dustbox’s story they’ve been on a never ending road trip for 48 days straight in the van. On this particular day, we find the crew going to four spots; the last spot of the day being Apartment 200, where they blow some stream off and dance the night away. Join Noah Peterson, Robby Meehan, Cody Warble, Reid Smith, Jonas Harris, Peter Cerulo, Brett Kulas, Dan McGonagle, and Cooper Whittier as they live a day in the life of the box.

Filmed by: Colt Morgan and Cooper Whittier

Edited by: Colt Morgan

Photography by: Colt Morgan

With support from: Vans Snow, Ride Snowboards, Bruhlers, GNU Snowboards, Sims Snowboards, and Ashbury Eyewear

– “Day In, Day Out” is a web series devoted to showing the effort and nuances of filming snowboard films. Join us as we explore the not so celebrated moments, and maybe the more heralded elements of getting clips. –

The Dustbox snowboarding
Robby Meehan and Reid Smith filiming for Dustbox, I wanted most
Reid 1, Police 0
Cody Warble on the road for Dustbox, I wanted most
Cody with his Ojo Bucket at Apt. 200


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