Day In, Day Out | Episode 1 | “Good Sport”

| December 7th, 2020 |

On March 11th the United States announced that all U.S. residents traveling abroad should come home. Contradicting that request, Derrek Lever, Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Colton Feldman and Marc O’Malley decided to stay little bit longer in Murmansk, Russia to milk the last few days of filming for the season before everyone headed into quarantine. Here’s a day in the life of the movie “Good Sport” battling the elements, local Russians and sharp metal objects on their way to getting the clip and living another day.

Filmed by: Colton Feldman

Additional footage provided by: Derrek Lever & Spencer Schubert

Edited by: Jon Stark

Photography by: Marc O’Malley

Special thanks to Artem Smolin

“Day In, Day Out” is a web series devoted to showing the effort and nuances of filming snowboard films. Join us as we explore the not so celebrated moments, and maybe the more heralded elements of getting clips.”

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