Bad Plans Presents “CO VID”

| February 22nd, 2022 |

Bad Plans releases their company video. It’s suggested to watch this in HD and please remember to blast the sound. Doing so will only accentuate the intense bails, even crazier makes, and all around great editing.

“Thank you Airblaster for the support!”

Featuring: Kristoffer Lerånd, Samuel Ærø, Didric Lothe, Stian Karlsen, Andreas Grong, Kristian Skjømming, Markus Rustad, Len Jørgensen, Håvard Roald, Sigurd Lindquid, Bjørn & Stine Tønnessen

Filmed by: Andreas Grong, Kristoffer Lerånd, Victoria Magelssen, Chris Baldry, Thomas Wietse, Håkon Haslum, Sigurd Vaagland, Samuel Ærø, Didric Lothe, Stian Karlsen, Sigurd Lindquist, Håvard Roald, Markus Rustad, Aleksander Klerud, Fredrick Johnsen & Øivind Fykse.

Edited by: Andreas Grong


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