“CIRCUIT BREAKER” An Australian Street Film Following Jye Kearney & Josh Vagne

| June 30th, 2022 |

The Souther Hemisphere has caught us off guard the past couple weeks. We’re over here in the dog days of summer, but a few new Australian flicks have kept us from losing sight of what a board slide feels like.

First it was Raphael Louis‘ timely release of Quick Draw, and now Izrayl Brinsdon is hitting us with a video following two of Australia’s best boarders—Jye Kearney and Josh Vagne. Needless to say, Circuit Breaker is a must watch.

So, if this video doesn’t remind you that Jye is simply nuts, then it’ll surely remind you that Australia’s winter is in full swing right now. Oh yeah—and the cherry on top—it’s shot solely on 16mm Kodak film.

Produced by: Transfer Media

Presented by: Burton Snowboards

Supported by: Modest Eyewear & Kodak Directed

Filmed & Edited by: Izrayl Brinsdon

Art Direction, Titles & Animation by: Louis Macindoe

16mm Scans by: Kodak Cinelab London

Colour by: Matt Campbell



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