“CHROMA” an Experimental Film with Severin van der Meer and Friends

| December 1st, 2021 |

Produced by David Bertschinger Karg and Hillton

In the overly saturated premiere season that we thought had just come to a close, it’s nice to see a film that breaks out of the methodical creative process. The conventional approach of a planned out aesthetic, only to be neglected by a played out Instagram leak leading up to the release, is what Severin van der Meer and crew avoid at all costs. So, being immune to the quick, dopamine-inducing appeal that we’ve become so accustomed to, Alexander Tank and Hilton Productions took an avant-garde approach that prioritizes the right people, right inspiration, and right amount of uniqueness. The video highlights the chase for this goal over two seasons, and that extra year evidently stretches to an artistic chasm that we have yet to see this season.

Sev and Alex share a certain type of expressive capacity that, when coupled, only seems to compound as the film progresses. If that went over your head, then we’ll put it in different terms. Alex’s documentation highlights Severin playfulness on a snowboard in a way that we will never get tired of— even if it made it to the gram first.

We know something as progressive as CHROMA can be hard to digest. Frankly, the residual feelings from this two-year project will be hard to come to terms with, even for the most seasoned film rats. In an attempt to make the film more digestible, we tried to understand Severin’s winter in the most simplistic way possible. If all else fails, hopefully this will resonate with you.

How would you describe the past two years of filming in three words? And what would be the three words for your coming year? 

Severin: The past two years were: create something unqiue. For the coming year: just wanna snowboard.

Our reality is a dance between delusion and truth. Where does the dream stop and the memory start?

An experimental short film featuring the snowboarding of Severin van der Meer and friends.

Director: Alexander Tank

DOP: Willem Jones
Photographer: Silvano Zeiter

Production: Hillton
Producer: David Bertschinger Karg
Co-Producer: Severin van der Meer

Featuring: Severin van der Meer, Lars Popp, James Niederberger, Christian Haller, Gabrielle Torriani, Nicolas Wolken, Lucas Baume, David Djité, Arthur Longo

Old Man: Kurt Herzog

Additional Camera: Jake Price, Olivier Gittler, Alexander Tank

Colorist: Samuel Muff
Grading Studio: SLGH Zurich
VFX House: Das Alte Lager
VFX Supervision: Robin Disch

Edit: Alexander Tank & Max Neumeier
Editing Assistant: Lou Staub
Title Design: Boris Stoll



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