Forest Bailey’s Quiet

November 10th, 2020

Forest’s rampage on snowboarding has now far exceeded a decade. Quiet is the newest chapter into his long tenured story as a creative and unique boarder who provides us with a vision that stimulates the “I want to go snowboarding” part of our brains. Partnering up with Brendan Hupp this past winter, these two sought to round out their project both in the mountains and streets of North America; filmed in Bellingham, Mt. Baker, Montreal, Quebec City, Government Camp, Hood River, and Denver. This is not only a must watch, but a re-watch.

Not too far away from home along the banks of the Columbia River / Photo by Darrell Mathes
Forest being exceptionally yellow / Photo by Brendan Hupp
Mood board material / Photo by Brendan Hupp
Forest threading the needle in Denver / Photo by Ian Boll
Este in vogue / Photo by Niels Schack
A lot of tricks have gone down here, but Forest found a new one to add to the list / Photo by Baltimore Loth
Spray on the way… / Photo by Brad Andrew
to a picture perfect leap of faith in Baker / Photo by Brad Andrew
Jam, bam, thank you ma’am / Photo by Brad Andrew
With some sun and water this snow plant could grow to be big and strong / Photo by Brad Andrew
An artist within his realm / Photo by Forest Bailey
The mayor of Mt. Baker with a constituent / Photo by Brendan Hupp
No cap / Photo by Brendan Hupp
Please be Quiet, Forest is sleeping / Photo by Brendan Hupp

Top 5 with Blake Paul

Top 5 Most Influential Parts of All-Time With… Blake Paul

November 2nd, 2020

Top photo by Tanner Pendleton / Bottom photo by Jake Price

There’s no better insight into ones own snowboard filming ideologies than hearing what their influences are. Blake’s picks include historical and modern day examples of different shades of Blake’s own boarding. His Top 5 proves we are products of our own influences.

David Benedek – Robotfood’s Lame (2003)

I wanted to do this list without diving too deep into what incapsulates the “best” video part, but more based off what came to mind the quickest and what influenced me growing up. Lame was my first video, I got the VHS in the metal case for Christmas from my brother. He got The Shakedown from my Mom. We watched them endlessly that winter, and I continued on the Robot Food craze when Afterlame came out the following season. The rest is history, I was so hooked on the vibe. When I think about this point in my life, I remember being in awe of David Benedek’s riding, kits, deeper thought process, and unique tricks. He had a solid perfected style that was so smooth and effortless, even when he was riding big shit. One of those guys that looks like he’s meant to be on a snowboard.

Dave Downing – Standard Films TB4 (1994)

I picked this one because it hits home regarding the 2020 winter season spent mostly at Brighton UT. I’ve always respected how fluid Dave rode and how he created his own lane in backcountry snowboarding. Most of this part was shot at Brighton and we were on the hunt to figure out where everything was filmed. The first half of the season seemed to have endless pow day after pow day. This was my first winter really spending time riding and getting to know the zones there. I was living with Griffin Siebert and we were checking off all the old TB videos. I think it was Tonino who told us to watch Dave’s part in TB4. We studied those movies, putting them on every morning to get hyped to ride. 

The Community Project (2006)

I get to cop out on choosing a part from this one because it’s not a part video, but I can’t leave it out. The Jackson location section, Tyler Lepore footage, and O.G. Travis Rice gnarly shit really influenced me as a young kid living in Jackson. The intro with the paper boy was filmed in the neighborhood next to the one I grew up in, and a bunch of local snowboarders/older friends I knew were a part of the movie. It was my introduction to the scene at the time. I’ll still go back for a re-watch today, but you need the dvd because it doesn’t exist online.  

Transworld production, directed by Joe Carlino

Keegan Valaika – In Color (2010)

I’ve always looked up to Keegan and been fan of his snowboarding. I think this part just came out at a pivotal time for me. I was still in high school, but was riding more than ever and burying myself in everything snowboarding had to offer. It was right before the decline of full-length movies and a year prior to Instagram. I still remember the anticipation for videos and rewatching a certain part over and over. I was so hyped on the song and the teaser for this video. Also looking back, the ollie and front 180 over the the rail to bank then duck clips are still so fresh. 

Sam Taxwood – Landline (2018)

I’m biased, but it can’t go without mention of Sam’s opener in the Vans video. Being close to the situation I just saw how hard Sam worked for this one. He puts his whole life and heart into snowboarding and filming. Lots of injury, heartbreak, hard work, all leading to major success. Sam’s become the people’s champ—everyone knows he does it for all the right reasons. He’s the modern day A.T.V. and continues to impress and inspire me daily on and off the board. This felt like his first big part even though he’s been killing it forever. It’s just awesome to watch it all come together. 🙂


Seb Picard’s Toonies

What can we say about this video that you already didn’t know. The filming, the riding, the spots, all absolutely dialed. Take notes young ones this is how you make a video. Even with their winter cut short, these dudes did their part. Congrats guys, the beers on us next time we see you. 🙂

Video by Anthony Drolet

Photos by Jon Stark

Directed by Anthony Drolet
Curiosity at its finest level. Seb gap hardway back 180 switch 5050.
Peer review amongst some harsh critics.
Aesthetically one of the best spots we’ve seen in awhile.
Seb drop…
Hungover Seb.
Sunset session at the crossing of a thousand bridges.
Remy on his way up.
Remy on his way down. Chairlift grind at first light.
Lou’s backyard.
Tony pulling double duty. Congrats my friend.


Tommy Gesme and friends take to the hills of Trollhaugen after a surprise party announcing his pro status. An all time crew including Chris Grenier, Louif Paradis, Riley Nickerson, filmer Colton Feldman and many more making for an unforgettable week. This edit has got us all wishin’ for a little more rope tug in our lives.

Video by Colton Feldman


“The Cyclical story of this and that. Times of togetherness and times of distraction. When beauty isn’t shared, the delicate spiral is broken, dimming the once shining light.”

“ECKLESPARKLE” is a short film starring Mike Rav. It tells the story of his characters, the “Starpeople”, who frequently appear in his drawings and in his mind.

Supported by: Vans and Volcom

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by: Skylar Brent

Story by: Mike Rav and Skylar Brent

Illustration by: Mike Rav

3d Animation and Compositing by: Skylar Brent

The Bruners “Overtime”

Filmed and edited by: Julien Choiniere

Additional filming by: Ulysse Dubé Burelle, Gab Larivière, Anthony Drolet and Jordan Bell

Riders: Axel Stall, Chris Fellner, Dominic Tessier, Emile Veilleux, Mas Séguin, Nic Roy, Niels Schack and Russell Beardsley

Thanks to: Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation, Avendre Boutique, Vans, K2, Fix Bindings and Torment mag.


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