Kas Lemmens Interview

Kas Lemmens video interview by Banging Bees Snowboard Magazine

January 14th, 2021

video by Tim Schiphorst

Kas Lemmens is no stranger to adversity in his life. If it’s not the fact that he learned how to snowboard inside the small frigid snow domes of the Netherlands, it’s been consecutive knee injuries and the heartbreaking loss of his father. Banging Bees, a snowboard magazine based out of France, did a wonderful video interview about Kas’ perspective on his own snowboarding and life in general. This is an incredibly well done film showcasing one of the most talented street riders in Europe and a close friend of Torment’s.

Supported by Vans

Produced by BangingBees

Filming and editing by Tim Schiphorst

Archive footage by Tim Schiphorst & Petrus Koskinen

Producer by Julien Mounier

Music in order of appearance:

Infinity Girl – Firehead

Swen Wunder – Lily Francisco

The Man – Come on, ETC (Instrumental)

if a poem was a human

if a poem was a human 

A short trip to Boreal with Bryden Bowley, Naima Antolin and Mike Rav.

December 28th, 2020

video, photos, and words by Bryden Bowley

If a poem could be a human, Mike is one. He has a way with words. He’s intuitive. When he speaks, he speaks with intention. Conversations with Mike leave you floating with those inspired feelings, and deep thoughts.

If you’ve ever spent time with Mike or Naima, you will understand me when I say that they both emanate an indescribable energy. They are welcoming, and they make you feel like you’re home.

When they invited me on an impromptu trip to Tahoe, I eagerly accepted.

We relaxed, drank coffee, skated, cruised boreal, laughed till our stomachs hurt, and ate delicious food (see Mike’s shepard’s pie recipe). The trip was all-time, and when it was all over, Mike and I decided to take the train back to Salt Lake, because why not.

The train ride home was a trip. Literally and figuratively. 

We sat in silence and listened to the chatter of the other passengers. One man in particular, was talking to himself. This man seemed to be struggling, and in some ways I related to him due to my family’s history of mental illness and pain. I felt like I was in a movie, and the things he said spoke to me.

“Ok, so the train gets into Reno in 30 mins. Ok I’m sorry bud, I talk to myself. My old stomping grounds. Once I get in, I got a room at motel 6. I’m just saying all of this to remind myself. I wish I could go into bed right now. I’ve got a return ticket at 7am, but shit, who knows if I’ll make that. If I don’t, I’m getting a super glue tattoo. I’ve got shit to do. Shut up Jim. By the time I get my pills sorted out and.. oh shit I forgot about the haircut. Man I’ve got shit to do. This and that and the other nightmares I’ve had. Stay positive, keep your faith, everything is gonna work out, just relax.”  

Throughout the quiet 12-hour train ride, I looked over at Mike and noticed him writing in his journal. Somehow I felt telepathic—I knew that he was reminiscing on the epic trip we just had. I’m certain he was expressing himself and his feelings on our last three days with a pen and paper. We all express ourselves in different ways, it’s part of being human.

This video and these photos are my expression.


Thank you Mike, Naima, Jaimee, and Torment.

Added Bonus; A Shepard’s Pie Recipe


Day In, Day Out | Episode 2 | Dustbox, I wanted most

Day In, Day Out | Episode 2 | Dustbox, I wanted most

filmed & edited by Colt Morgan

February 22nd, 2020 – Montreal, Canada – At this point in the Dustbox’s story they’ve been on a never ending road trip for 48 days straight in the van. On this particular day, we find the crew going to four spots; the last spot of the day being Apartment 200, where they blow some stream off and dance the night away. Join Noah Peterson, Robby Meehan, Cody Warble, Reid Smith, Jonas Harris, Peter Cerulo, Brett Kulas, Dan McGonagle, and Cooper Whittier as they live a day in the life of the box.

Filmed by: Colt Morgan and Cooper Whittier

Edited by: Colt Morgan

Photography by: Colt Morgan

With support from: Vans Snow, Ride Snowboards, Bruhlers, GNU Snowboards, Sims Snowboards, and Ashbury Eyewear

– “Day In, Day Out” is a web series devoted to showing the effort and nuances of filming snowboard films. Join us as we explore the not so celebrated moments, and maybe the more heralded elements of getting clips. –

The Dustbox snowboarding
Robby Meehan and Reid Smith filiming for Dustbox, I wanted most
Reid 1, Police 0
Cody Warble on the road for Dustbox, I wanted most
Cody with his Ojo Bucket at Apt. 200

Brust Studio’s Planet B

Brust Studio Presents Planet B

December 10th, 2020

Option A went out the door so now were left with Planet B; a video out of Europe exploring the boroughs of France, Switzerland, Utah, Newfoundland and Italy in an exploration for friendship and creativity.

Featuring: Pierrot Scafidi, Bastien Sturma, Nicolas Palladio and Louis Labertrande

Video by: Guillaume Sturma

Locations: France / Switzerland / Canada / Italy / Utah

Photos by: Bastien Sturma / Pierrot Scafidi / Guillaume Sturma

Supported by Ride Snowboards & K2 Snowboarding.


K2 Big Band

K2 presents Big Band

December 9th, 2020

video by Seamus Foster

If K2 snowboarding fought another snowboard brand they probably put up a good fight. Big Band, a team video directed and edited by Seamus Foster showcases the team in all facets of their boarding.

Features K2 Team Riders; Pat Moore, Parker Szumowski, Jonas Harris, Dan McGonagle, Noah Peterson, Kennedi Deck, Gabe Ferguson, Mark Wilson, Matt Belzile, Jody Wachniak, Melissa Riitano, Tim Eddy, Hannah Eddy, Daisuke Watanabe, Nick Erickson, Leanne Pelosi, and more.

Bloom by The North Face

Bloom by The North Face

December 8th, 2020

Spencer Schubert traveled through the floral portal this past summer and ended up in a enviroment resembling something out of a Saturday morning cartoon. This is Bloom, a collaboration between Movie Mountain and The North Face promoting their new Freeride Collection.

Day In, Day Out | Episode 1 | “Good Sport”

Day In, Day Out | Episode 1 | “Good Sport”

| December 7th, 2020 |

On March 11th the United States announced that all U.S. residents traveling abroad should come home. Contradicting that request, Derrek Lever, Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Colton Feldman and Marc O’Malley decided to stay little bit longer in Murmansk, Russia to milk the last few days of filming for the season before everyone headed into quarantine. Here’s a day in the life of the movie “Good Sport” battling the elements, local Russians and sharp metal objects on their way to getting the clip and living another day.

Filmed by: Colton Feldman

Additional footage provided by: Derrek Lever & Spencer Schubert

Edited by: Jon Stark

Photography by: Marc O’Malley

Special thanks to Artem Smolin

“Day In, Day Out” is a web series devoted to showing the effort and nuances of filming snowboard films. Join us as we explore the not so celebrated moments, and maybe the more heralded elements of getting clips.”

Check out the story of this entire trip in Issue THREE of Torment Magazine

Top 5 with Nirvana Ortanez

Top 5 Most Influential Parts of All-Time With…Nirvana Ortanez

| November 30th, 2020 |

photo by Ted Borland

Nirvana’s migration from Southern California park riding to the Wasatch aligns with how her tastes changed. Her video parts in Veer and Snowboarder Mag’s Tangle have those creative and careful subtleties that she expresses in this weeks list, not to mention we have a Victoria sighting. We back Nirvana and we back this Top 5 hard.

Directed by John Cavan

Marie France-Roy – Rome Snowboards Any Means (2008)

Probably one of the all time best parts ever filmed. Back when snowboarders weren’t as niched off. You just filmed all of it – pow, street, park. The Park footage in the part was super relatable for me growing up because that’s all Big Bear and Mountain High had. Ginormous rainbow log. YES. That was pretty on par with the features in the early 2000s. My mind could not even comprehend what pillows or powder was at the time since a Mt. High pow day was 4 inches of snow. Not to mention the gap 270 she does in it. Psycho. AND the front 9 on the 100 ft jump she hits you don’t see video parts like this really anymore.

Natasza Zurek – Misschief Films As If (2005)

As a kid growing up and even now as an adult I’m not really a loud extroverted type of person. But I remember so clearly watching an interview with Natasza where she was soft-spoken and talked about not being into partying and had a moment where I realized Hey I don’t need to be a certain personality type to get somewhere in snowboarding. It really resonated with me and then on top of that she let her riding do the talking.

Directed by Standard Films

Victoria Jealouse – Standard Films TB8Infinity (1998) and any Burton movie that had clips of her

Remember the days when you were so excited to get a mag and find out who the center poster was? My room walls and door were plastered in anything I could get my hands on whether it be a surfer or snowboarder. I had Victoria’s poster and it was her blasting off of a huge cliff grabbing indy. I thought “she’s so sick AND she’s goofy.” Basically any movie I watched I would always look for her name. She made snowboarding look so good and even though steep powder filled mountains weren’t what I was riding, I was just hyped to be a snowboarder because of her.

Directed by Justin Meyer

Jake Kuzyk – Videograss Mayday! (2014)

Best.Song.Ever. Wallie on the blue triangles. Snowboarding on things that aren’t down rails, but also down rails. Hands down one of my favorite parts ever. I think that Kuzyk really showed that you could creatively snowboard on anything and things didn’t have to be a traditional down rail to be exciting.

Filmed by Harry Hagan, Colton Feldman and Skylar Brent

Mike Ravelson – Keep the Change Holy Smokes (2012)

Around this time I was figuring out that internet snowboarding was a thing. Sunday in the Park was coveted and web series were making change throughout the board world. The guys making Loonatics out on the East Coast made east coast riding look so fun. Rave’s riding plus the music in KTC was impressionable to say the least. This part was a mixture of hammers on down bars, but also filled with creativity — through the Quebec plaza, wall redirects, and tubes.


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