Torment Tuesday News

| June 7th, 2022 |

Happy first week of Pride Month! The first seven days of June have given us a lot to cover. Let’s get into it.

Mt. Hood is at record high snow pack, but something tells us summer boarding will favor this Craigslist steal over a rainy day session. Let the training begin.

It’s not every day that the term “boarder” is all-encompassing. We know a lot of snowboarders skate, and vice versa, but the truth is the two don’t always translate. Even so, someone like Jed will come on the scene and shatter this narrative by shutting down street spots in the opposite stance.

In the case of Finn Westbury, he swapped his snowboard for the camera last summer to film the Ninetimes Skateshop‘s latest edit. What came of it was the most recent addition to the Thrasher junkdrawer, Site, where Jed Anderson and Quin Ellul came through with grade-A clips.

If you’re sleeping on Quin, go watch his opener part in BLP’s Here’s Where The Story Ends. Always proud of when snowboarders cross into the skateboard realm, congrats Finn, Quin & nice work as always, Jed.

Just in time for summer, Spencer exchanges the buns for the steering wheel in order to make the mandatory migration back to Oregon. This year, their annual exodus comes with a special surprise—a collaboration with Autumn Headwear.

Following an entertaining Instagram reveal, it’s clear these hats are waterproof and fire resistant. Perfect for any given day on Hood. We back that claim so go check out their shop to cop.

Ever since the makefriendsordie era, Jake has given us the opportunity to watch our favorite Minnesotans grow up. Now, more than a decade later, with House Call Only videos, parts in Videogracias, and numerous Ride videos (SICKY and Bug Out to name a few) under his belt, it’s almost like nothing’s changed. Well, except for one thing.

His most recent edit swaps out the fisheye for the Go Pro. While this might feel sacrilegious to the purist, we’re all for innovation.

First it was Derrek with the unconventional 720 and now Schubert‘s embarking on a prolific road bike jumping career. Is that even what you’d call it?

On the topic of Schubert, we caught wind of Ben McQueen‘s soon-to-drop book called Let it Kill You, which highlights the overlap between tattooing and skateboarding. After one too many Cobra Dogs, we got to thinking—is there an overlap between food establishments and snowboarding?

Between Cobra Dogs, Spedelli’s, Frank April’s new pizzeria, and now Mark Wilson’s kolaches and coffee spot, there has to be some correlation. All we need is a book to highlight it.

Noiseradio.1 is sure to bring the vibe, Tommy Towns hits us with collaborative mixes along with his Emoshunul series. It’s gonna be a big summer, let’s get it poppin’.


Torment Tuesday News

| May 31st, 2022 |

Torment sticker
Life is a corn maze | Photo: Ian Boll

The last day of May is here, and we’ve lived through yet another eventful seven days. MDW has come and gone, there are severe storm and tornado threats all across the Central US, and, to top it all off, the Mona Lisa was smeared with cake by a man dressed up as an elderly woman. So, with even the worlds most safeguarded paintings being subject to violence, it’s clear all bets are off. This time around, however, we owe this unconventional act to something good—climate change activism.

Filth crew Connor Lowe

Connor Lowe has given us a hint into his upcoming video through a cryptic Instagram account. We know the East Coast had a tough winter, but if the first two posts of Eli McClatchy and Luke Williams are any indication, we’re confident one of our favorite east coast crews will prevail.

The Dustbox "mind-bit all over" shirt

In light of the recent Dime summer drop, Noah’s entrance into the hoodie game, and presumably many others, we feel compelled to update you on the Dustbox merch. The highly anticipated “mind-bit all over” t-shirt has been postponed, giving us time to digest everything else that released this past week (until their next drop Friday…).

What you would do to be able to buy this silly little shirt?

“Get a clip with a dslr cam”—Cooper Vosburg

“delete everything on the hard drives”—Dan McGonagle

“I wore one of these yesterday”—Jacob Krugmire

“Get a job again”—@humbleaaron

Century Optics xtreme lens for hpx

Here at Torment HQ, we believe that if you love something you have to let it go. We also believe you should list your own lens and bail on this crazy world we call snowboarding. This is the sign to take the profits, buy a boat, and move to Mexico.

If you do splurge on that lens, make sure you don’t reenact this gem of a video.

Big Snow’s long awaited reopening happened this weekend, and with that comes the return of Hellgate Studios summer edits. Pretty cool to see the usual suspects plus skateboard extraordinaire Cooper Winterson in the mix and absolutely ripping it up. 

Spencer Schubert competitor research for Cobra Dogs

Schubert out here doing some competitor research. Maybe he’s taking some inspiration for the local gas station?


Torment Tuesday News

| May 24th, 2022 |

Mason Lemery at Torment Heaven Week in Mt. Bachelor

Here we are, the last week of May has crept up on us when we’ve least expected it. This time around, recent developments around the primaries and imminent threat of Monkeypox have kept us preoccupied for the past 7 days, but we still found enough time to supply you with ample snowboard updates to close out the month.

ET pro model for Alltimers Skateboards

ET turned pro for Alltimers Skateboards this past week, and with that comes an ode to Ojo on his pro model deck. We’re glad to see Ojo’s legacy carry on through a company that loved him as much as he did them. You can buy the board here.

“Dillon is an Alltimer, in the truest sense, and he always will be”. — Alltimers

A residual from Torment Heaven Week earlier this month. Safe to say Krugs is a core boarder.

Alex G has been heard in snowboard videos for the greater part of the last half decade and we’re crediting Seamus Foster for bringing attention to his tunes—they make us feel something when paired with snowboarding clips. Anyway, Sandy released a new track “Blessing,” giving us something fresh to jam to this week. Tour dates have been announced as well (live music rules all).

There’s a slew of Mr. Foster’s past hits with Alex G tracks, and the one below is skateboarding because, well, it’s summer time.

With June fastly approaching, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane through the lens’s of Seamus Foster and Colton Morgan. While it’s not a staple K2 flick or Dust Box edit, these two provide the same visceral reaction when capturing the summer months. Hathenbruck’s JUMPERCABLES revives us to a simpler time—a seemingly eventful summer in SLC circa 2017. Enjoy.

Torment weather report for Torment Tuesday News 052422

In light of Denver’s prompt encounter with climate change this past weekend, we’re holding onto the hope that Mt. Hood will experience the same weather patterns this weekend. It’s starting to look like these “freak” storms are not as serendipitous as we think…

A day late, but OJO’s MONDAY MIXX is timeless. If you close your eyes, it’s almost as if you’re in apt 200 with the legend himself. Enjoy today, tomorrow, and always.


Torment Tuesday News

| May 17th, 2022 |

Torment mag sticker

Another eventful week has passed us, and this time around we’re not too stoked on the happenings from the past 7 days. Scratch that, we’re straight up saddened. Between the Buffalo mass shooting and the rightfully drawn out Roe vs Wade debate, there’s a dismal after taste for everything we’re attempting to digest this week. In an attempt to ease this digestion, here’s a recap of the more pleasant news from our snowboard community.

Torment Mag "Heaven Week" at Mt. Bachelor

A hefty crew convened at Mt. Bachelor for a handful of days that can only seem to be summarized as an impromptu “Heaven Week”. The memorable time that ensued was exactly what you’d expect when you get a bunch of your closest friends together. Here’s a few grams that barely scratch the surface of a recap.

A friendly reminder to keep your eye out for Escape Video‘s upcoming project this Fall. In the meantime, they just dropped a Laax edit from April that only reinforces why they won this years 2022 Snow Globe’s Regional Video of the Year.

Brain Bowl Sessions location at Mt. Bachelor

It seems as if Mt. Bachelor is the place to be—the mountain is a safe haven for community-driven snowboarding. Now, to add to last week’s events, Tre Squad is embarking on their 6th brain bowl session, where the first day of building just went down.

If you still have the energy, head to the Dutchman Flat Trailhead for this multi day affair. The build started today, May 17th, and will continue into the contest, which goes down May 21st. These brain bowl sessions are truly a testament to what can go down when boarders come together creatively.

Jill Perkins in Mt. Hood bar

Many speculate on the best way to spend the off season. Some frequent the bar, some frequent the skatepark, some frequent Oregon’s favorite glacier, and, more often than not, most frequent all three together.

While exploring Government Camp for everything it has to offer is undoubtedly the best solution, most are missing out on the most proactive part—rollerblading at BOB skatepark. Derrek Lever introduced us to this competitive edge, and now Jill is just rubbing it in our face. Don’t sleep.


Torment Tuesday News

| May 10th, 2022 |

Tommy Towns, Spencer Schubert, and Cole Navin

You’ve made it through another Monday…and therefore you’ve made it to another Torment Tuesday News. Let’s dive into this week’s TTN—a seemingly transformative week out of the mountains…

To start off this week, Quicksilver released a new surfing collaboration with Stranger Things starring none other than Miles Fallon. It seems as if his debut showing in how dark blue feels caught their attention. We’re stoked for him, but hopefully he sticks around for a few more video parts.

Bryan Fox sunburn

While some are still trying to chase Mt. Bachelor’s never ending winter, Bryan Fox has already swapped his infatuation with powder for an unmistakable feeling that pow slashes can’t provide—the sunburn.

It seems as if our community is in an everlasting battle with Youtube license rights. This time around, they came out victorious against one of our all time favorite videos and humans. In other words, Youtube took down Beacon featuring Louif Paradis and friends. Fortunately, Hayden Rensch is out here doing god’s work. Enjoy the immortal version on his Vimeo.

The Comataosters are here to stay. Here’s to their most recent show at Snowbird, featuring the musical talents from Jon Lok, Jamieson, Shane Charlebois, Sam Spedelli, Sammy Blaze, Graham Knussmann, and Scotty Arnold.

Nick Dirks and daughter skateboarding

There is no better way to share news than through an Instagram story, and Nick Dirks stories are a testament to that. This week he revealed his newest brain child, a weekly children’s’ skate camp intended to start this summer. Be on the look out for more info here.

Nearly 17 minutes of Mt. Seymour footage featuring a slew of your favorite riders. Just another reason to check out one of BC’s most frequented resorts.

The Soy Sauce Nation Stir Fry—An Exclusively Inclusive Event at Woodward Tahoe

The Soy Sauce Nation Stir Fry— An Exclusively Inclusive Event at Woodward Tahoe

| May 10th, 2022 |

SSN Stir Fry

Woodward Tahoe, CA

Words by Max Tokunaga, Janthavy Norton, and Justin You

Photos by Mike Yoshida and Justin You

We’re here to be exclusively inclusive. This is a space we have created for the AAPI family to celebrate Snowboarding While Asian; the second community meet up, the first ever Stir Fry. Three days of taking over a custom built zone on the mountain to share music, snacks, laughs, and the passion, or discover the fondness, for snowboarding together took place at Boreal + Woodward Tahoe this past April 6th-8th. The first two days were arranged for invited riders only,  and the third day was hosted as a “community day” where we welcome the public within the orange rope to ride our special set up and catch a vibe. From the soy sauce bottle snow feature to shred-able sushi pieces catering to all riding abilities, Mizl and the Boreal crew went above and beyond expectations to allow the Soy Sauce Nation to have a time we wouldn’t soon forget. 

Sitting put after setting up at the registration booth, AK, Nirvana, and I saw the like-looking faces come through the door with contagious liveliness to get on the mountain together. Most we had met previously, some we were putting a face to the name for our first time. Friendships through social media are being shared in the real world for the initial time. Quickly becoming more comfortable, yet more busy grabbing event t-shirts and asking what Kikkoman noodle participants wanted, because we had some kick ass sponsored goodies to give away, the emotions were aligning just from having our family present in front of us. Literal family was present, my brother was in attendance, Masa & Hiro, Jacob & Austin, and more, truly a reunion! Although we dress to show off our personal taste, ride what boards we think are cool, it’s not everyday in America, a different circumstance in our native countries, we get to experience a majority of comparable looking humans, especially in the mountain-resort setting.

“This was my first time going to a Soy Sauce Nation event so I didn’t really know what to expect. I love what they are doing to bring the AAPI community together. It really creates a whole new network of Asian friends for me which I realized I am lacking. When I got there I was a bit intimidated because everyone was ripping but I left with so many new homies. As a skateboarder I was nervous knowing it was a snowboarding event but everyone was so encouraging and willing to take beginner laps with me. Even though I got absolutely bodied and had to sit out, I had a blast watching everyone jam and have a good time.  I can’t wait for the next event!” 

-Janthavy Norton

This is why we do it! A skateboarder that’s new to finding snowboarding, looking to stand sideways with alike looking people, expanding the community. Skateboarder, parent, sibling, Professional, Amateur, flow, industry, media, enjoyer of a good time… the snowboarding at Stir Fry is communal! No matter your ability level, we are here to create a space that is comfortable for everyone, because we love to see it! “It” being the early steps of progression, the finesse & flow of a seasoned rider, a smile on someone’s face and the laughter it brings to be sliding, or falling, on a snowboard. You can feel the energy! Dropping into the course, speaking from my own perspective, we can slide down nearly worry-free, no one to judge, this isn’t a contest of any kind. Maybe a camera is pointed at you and eyes are on boards in motion, so just shred and have a good time. More so you’re entering a party of like-looking individuals and you get the chance to do your dance on a snowboard. Whether snowboarding is a regular winter activity, or Stir Fry is your first time clicking in for the season, Soy Sauce Nation is honored to be the reason you went snowboarding. Some leave the event with the hope to do it more? The juices start flowing…

Growing up Asian-American in the suburbs of Minneapolis I always struggled to find others. About three years ago I met some great friends that introduced me to Hyland and Trollhaugen. Together both of them with our community have been able to facilitate so much to me. Especially what I know as snowboarding now. When A.K. and Nirvana reached out to me to come out to Boreal for Stir-Fry I felt like an absolute child again. Like sports when I was younger, learning how to snowboard in the upper midwest has always been predominantly white and far from accessible. Finally when I arrived at Boreal, it felt like a grand showcase of how expensive skiing and snowboarding is. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more stoked to be there. I’ll never forget the memory of being able to strap in with A.K. and him pointing out everyone from the lift. It’s a feeling I can’t even put into words meeting riders from all over, all ages, and all ASIAN. Constantly throughout the event, you could feel this warm reunion circling everyone from strangers to family. This event was far more than snowboarding, but finally an opportunity to both have pride in being a person of color and snowboarding while Asian. It’s been really amazing seeing groups like SSN, Pink Dollar Possy, and Seen Snowboarding happen in real time. After being back home, I’m excited to see what’s next <3 

“A HUGE thank you to everyone at Soy Sauce Nation and Kikkoman for bringing everyone together, Cho for the amazing poster, and Boreal for having us!”

-Justin You

Meet Justin You, a midwest shredder that is exuding excitement for snowboarding and the gift of community it brings. We supported Justin with aid to be able to come to Boreal as he brought the energy and continues to back home into his own community. Something we hope to continue to do, give the AAPI folks not only a reason to go snowboarding, but the means to go, even if it’s for one weekend of the winter. Some of our favorite riders have traveled down other life paths, we hope they can make it to Stir Fry one year to meet the ones they inspire from old video parts to current day life ventures. We are thankful to be friends with so many influential humans! 

As we move into the summer months and off the snow, this was a treat of a way to close out the winter season. The community continues to grow, our family now flourishes among the current advocates of the Soy Sauce Nation and we are honored to welcome the ones who learn about us through attendees of the events, no matter who, allies alike. We are excited to see our Soy Sauce Nation family again. Thank you to our premier sponsors Kikkoman & Burton, as well as our supporting sponsors Roxy & Crab Grab. 


Torment Tuesday News

| May 3rd, 2022 |

Torment mag sticker

We’re almost at the first hump day of May, and what better way to initiate the middle of the week than with another rendition Torment Tuesday News. Let’s get to it.

Fellow Tormentor, Jack Griffin, has embarked on his new operation, Honorings and Offerings. It’s a collection of art pieces straight from Jack’s mind to yours. Dont sleep.

In other news, Derrek Lever is making his (bimonthly?) migration to Mexico. We don’t blame him either—quite frankly we encourage him to take some time off after carrying the rollerblading community with this 720.

Portland’s had one hell of a month, precipitation wise. With record high snowfall that’ve translated to an above average snow base up at Mt. Hood meadows, expect a healthy summer up on the glacier.

Mt. Hood historical data

These record high snow depths for Oregon come at the cost of dwindling snow pack else where. Specifically, Woodward PC is now an almost bare strip of snow, which is only compounded by the closing of Brighton.

A Freak Storm at Windham Mtn: “April Showers”

A Freak Storm at Windham Mtn: “April Showers”

| April 29th, 2022 |

April Showers

Windham, NY

Words by Matt Petricone

On April 19th, 2022 winter decided to come back to the Catskills of New York. It brought with it up to a foot of snow in the elevated areas while pouring rain in the valley below. Johnny O’Connor had put the word out to have a backyard meet-up if the snowfall was sufficient—and by morning it sure was. Consider it the luck of the Irish or Old Uncle Fester’s Adirondack spirit brought down to the Catskills by John Haynes himself. The April Showers brought perfectly packable cement snow to the yard and some big hearted vibes to go along with it.  

Winter was resurrected, but so was the ultra positive jib lord himself Mr. John Haynes—the beloved ICKS family member who was in a traumatic riding accident, suffering complications due to a head injury in 2018. He’s been on a mental and physical comeback ever since, and with the angelic and gracious love and support from his now wife Maris, as well as his family and lifelong friends, John truly is back in business. Haynes kept telling us he brought this snow down from the Adirondacks for us all, as usual, and was back to being the hype machine he always was and is. Big smile after big smile, hike by hike, laugh after laugh, feature by feature, you could see his baby-steps back to full-on jib mode. Relying on his muscle memory and big heart to remember what simple fun and powerful healing snowboarding can be for one’s soul—it was a reminder for us all.

This storm was one for the books as it blew in the core of the Ice Coast family. Johnny O, Matt Sorrano, John Haynes, Joey B, Jasper Kahn, and the seaworthy Captain Sean Callaghan came together with the collective spirit to embrace the spring break pile-up. The simplicity of the yard park and the ever-flowing change of features makes it so unique. If you’re feeling something, build it, one by one, and eventually it’s a full on park session with lines abound. Johnny’s backyard oasis is truly a dream and the energy is going strong. The Windham Mountain Inn certainly is snowboarding in its purest state. Not to mention there’s a perfect KAHNcrete bowl at the top of the hill too. Stand sideways, hug your friends, keep it simple, and be part of the heart.

Be sure to check out @icecoastkillsshit on Instagram and support the East.


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