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November 3rd, 2020

Brocklebank on purchasing the movie Montreal (2006)

By the time you’re reading this, the votes have begun to come in and the fate of America is in limbo between good vs. evil (just our opinion, maaan.) Now one thing is for sure, we aren’t thrilled with this old head Biden, but here at Torment we stand for science, climate change prevention, and LGBTQ+ rights. A woman is to make her own choice on her body, and our public lands are to be protected and available to–you know–the fucking public. Anyway, tensions are high, businesses are boarded and by this time next week we hope we aren’t surrounded by civil unrest. If you’re at all worried and want to take your mind off it, we have the perfect amount of now seemingly less important snowboard news below. Enjoy.

“I’m usually a noseslide pretzel hater, but that one was good.” – Louif on Ben Egan’s Panic Order clip. We recommend watching/rewatching the whole thing. The ender is one that makes you feel like you are watching an amazing skate video.

This week we celebrated the season of the Dustbox with I wanted most, a breath of fresh air in a murky snowboard video scene. This winter has proven that the youth—Panic Order, Escape video, Spotheads, etc—are not to be fucked with. Arguably one of the more exciting aspects of this video season. It feels good to know the kids are out there, doing it themselves, and impressing the hell out of everyone.

We started a new series: Top 5 most influential parts where we ask friends, acquaintances, and foes alike to tell us where their inspiration came from. Check Blake’s from this week and keep a lookout on Mondays (sparodically) from here on out.

Coming up we have the Escape 3 video out of Switzerland dropping Sunday. On Tuesday, we are excited to premiere Forest Bailey’s Quiet on our website at 5pm PST. Be there or be loud.

And here is Baden again, bigger and better:

Video by Kurtis Jackson
Mack Dawg Productions Decade (1998)
Tales From Kryp… ya, we don’t know either. Anyone know anything about this video?

Top 5 with Blake Paul

Top 5 Most Influential Parts of All-Time With… Blake Paul

November 2nd, 2020

Top photo by Tanner Pendleton / Bottom photo by Jake Price

There’s no better insight into ones own snowboard filming ideologies than hearing what their influences are. Blake’s picks include historical and modern day examples of different shades of Blake’s own boarding. His Top 5 proves we are products of our own influences.

David Benedek – Robotfood’s Lame (2003)

I wanted to do this list without diving too deep into what incapsulates the “best” video part, but more based off what came to mind the quickest and what influenced me growing up. Lame was my first video, I got the VHS in the metal case for Christmas from my brother. He got The Shakedown from my Mom. We watched them endlessly that winter, and I continued on the Robot Food craze when Afterlame came out the following season. The rest is history, I was so hooked on the vibe. When I think about this point in my life, I remember being in awe of David Benedek’s riding, kits, deeper thought process, and unique tricks. He had a solid perfected style that was so smooth and effortless, even when he was riding big shit. One of those guys that looks like he’s meant to be on a snowboard.

Dave Downing – Standard Films TB4 (1994)

I picked this one because it hits home regarding the 2020 winter season spent mostly at Brighton UT. I’ve always respected how fluid Dave rode and how he created his own lane in backcountry snowboarding. Most of this part was shot at Brighton and we were on the hunt to figure out where everything was filmed. The first half of the season seemed to have endless pow day after pow day. This was my first winter really spending time riding and getting to know the zones there. I was living with Griffin Siebert and we were checking off all the old TB videos. I think it was Tonino who told us to watch Dave’s part in TB4. We studied those movies, putting them on every morning to get hyped to ride. 

The Community Project (2006)

I get to cop out on choosing a part from this one because it’s not a part video, but I can’t leave it out. The Jackson location section, Tyler Lepore footage, and O.G. Travis Rice gnarly shit really influenced me as a young kid living in Jackson. The intro with the paper boy was filmed in the neighborhood next to the one I grew up in, and a bunch of local snowboarders/older friends I knew were a part of the movie. It was my introduction to the scene at the time. I’ll still go back for a re-watch today, but you need the dvd because it doesn’t exist online.  

Transworld production, directed by Joe Carlino

Keegan Valaika – In Color (2010)

I’ve always looked up to Keegan and been fan of his snowboarding. I think this part just came out at a pivotal time for me. I was still in high school, but was riding more than ever and burying myself in everything snowboarding had to offer. It was right before the decline of full-length movies and a year prior to Instagram. I still remember the anticipation for videos and rewatching a certain part over and over. I was so hyped on the song and the teaser for this video. Also looking back, the ollie and front 180 over the the rail to bank then duck clips are still so fresh. 

Sam Taxwood – Landline (2018)

I’m biased, but it can’t go without mention of Sam’s opener in the Vans video. Being close to the situation I just saw how hard Sam worked for this one. He puts his whole life and heart into snowboarding and filming. Lots of injury, heartbreak, hard work, all leading to major success. Sam’s become the people’s champ—everyone knows he does it for all the right reasons. He’s the modern day A.T.V. and continues to impress and inspire me daily on and off the board. This felt like his first big part even though he’s been killing it forever. It’s just awesome to watch it all come together. 🙂


Torment Tuesday News

October 27th, 2020

Jed’s school of accessories presents “The Beret” -photo by Jake Durham

By now, I imagine you know we’ve been blaring “Reality Breakdown” from our loud speakers here at Torment HQ since it dropped yesterday morning. A refreshing start to our week leading into the unknown abyss that is Election Day. Jake has exhibited a unique look in snowboarding over this past decade of video output. This clip is a perfect example of his exemplary talent to create his own aesthetic in our commonly repeated video landscape. Congrats boys, let’s go snowboarding.

Krugs had a great time and used his mask perfectly.

Back to the Block happened this past weekend. An experiment to see whether you can get a group together safely with COVID going full blast across the U.S. It was however really sick to watch the premieres with all our friends–been a while. We want to extend our gratitude for the organizers of the event for allowing us to have a booth there. A few lucky readers got first dibs on our new line of merchandise. The rest of you have to wait till November to cop.

Tommy Towns ran away from home this week. Screengrab by Colt Morgan

BTW, Dustbox’s video is fire. Goes LIVE on October 31st!

In other industry news, Blair Habenicht, is now riding for SIMS, adding to the already stacked team.

The Torment weather channel is reporting accumulating snow amounts over the last week in such places as Calgary, Denver, SLC, Minnesota and parts of Quebec. We’re getting close to lifts running.

Issue THREE is coming…

Sage’s fucked up footage from last year.
The OG Side Hits Euphoria. Arthur in flow state. Must Watch.

Panic Order’s Where do we go

Panic Order’s Where do we go

October 28th, 2020

video by Erik Olsen

Minnesota snowboarding comes with a two guarantees—consistent snow years and a yielding crop of young snowboarders who will blow your socks off year after year. This video is a great example of the latter. A dope video right down to the spots, music, and crew dynamic. So stoked to see what’s next for these guys…

Featuring: Ben Egan, Clay Lobben, Beck Lobben, Cole Solner, Joe Sexton, Billy Cotie, Cole Helgeson, Cole Magnuson, Ethan Feldman, Pete Croasdale

Additional Filming: Zak Peterson, Dan Pergrin, Jake Durham, Jon McMurry, Jacob Harms

Design by: Dakota Knight

Photos by: Jacob Harms, Clay Lobben and Ethan Feldman

Jed’s Reality Breakdown

October 26th, 2020

A mixed media video by Jake Durham

A video depicting an alternative reality set in the visuals of Jed Anderson’s travels last winter. Filmed on location in Toronto, Newfoundland and Minnesota.


Torment Tuesday (or Wednseday) News

October 21st, 2020

Catfish Chronicles summed up Tyshawn going snowboarding perfectly.

After forgetting a couple weeks in a row, we forgot yesterday was Tuesday. Seriously losing it over here.

New sponsor news: Louif is on Salomon Boots. He’s now on all things Salomon (Boots, Bindings and Boards.) We went into the Salomon Portland offices this week and saw some Boot prototypes. Shit’s looking dope. Good things to come.

Toonies came out this week proving once again that Quebec is on top.

Minneapolis just shattered their early snow fall record yesterday.

Don’t forget. GO VOTE.

We’re going to be at the Back to the Block event selling our 2020-21 merchandise. Stop by and say hi and give us your money, then watch a bunch of dope movies like Videograss, Dustbox, Tangle, and Channel Zero. Keep safe by wearing your mask and keep yourself at least 6 ft away from all the people asking what you’re filming for this year.

This is looking so good. Jess coming through for the girls once again. The world will know who Savannah and Ylfa are very, very soon.
Currently the best Instagram in snowboarding. GO FOLLOW NOW!
Classic OE to get you hyped to go snowboard.
It’s the time of year to revisit this one as well.


Torment Tuesday News

October 13th, 2020

A boot from the future, set in the past. Boa’s first boot collaboration.

We’re back after a two week hiatus of forgetting what day it is. That bumper sticker we made last year is really ringing true right about now.

Vans came out with Darrell Mathes raw files from Landline this week, which had been previously unreleased. Really cool to see unseen footage of the godfather. And how about that jam over the dumpster.

On another note, if you like using our public lands, or just enjoy the idea that we as a people have rights to that land, and you haven’t watched Patagonia’s latest film, Public Trust, we encourage you to do that right now.

Last week Griffin Siebert released Backyard Boogie Too, an ode to accessibility and friendship through the very unique perspective of Grif’s own lenses (camera and glasses). A refreshing take on cruising with your friends on natural terrain.

Toonies, a movie based around Seb Picard and directed by Antony Drolet, is being released October 18th here on Tomorrow the 14th, Salomon Snowboards is hosting a live feed on Instagram of the movie as a little early release hype. TOON IN!

EL Sueño, a video based around Erik Leon and directed by Kyle Schafer, gets the award for most nostalgic intro since Suzy G. Not to mention the most unique narration we’ve ever seen. Movie’s got some serious make-you-wanna-ride-powder vibes with Tucker Andrews (our long lost icon), Erik, and Mary Rand deep in Japan. Moving on, let’s focus on Mike fucking Liddle for a second. This guy never stops amazing us. People gotta bring this guy on more trips this year. All in all, well done on all fronts, Erik. Your style is one of a kind. And in the words of your dad “surround yourself with people you love, doing the thing you love the most.”

It’s snowing at Brighton Resort. We’re so close to being able to ride chairlifts again.

Cole Navin Circle Board

Cole Navin goes Pro for Ride Snowboards

Cole Navin is PRO for Ride Snowboards

Film/edit by Jon Stark

Super 8 by Marc O’Malley

Photography by T Bird


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