Torment Tuesday News

| August 2nd, 2022 |

July has come and gone, and with this exit a bittersweet realization that summer boarding is making way for winter. We’re patiently awaiting the news that cover premieres and pro sales, but, until then, let’s get to it.

A quintessential SLC homie vid from last winter. We have a feeling half of you reading this are within a 10 mile radius from any and all of SLC’s snowboarding staples, so we decided to hit up the mastermind behind it all (Keyan) to ask him what you’re probably wondering.

Next Milo short run shirt drop?

If you’re talking about the next run of graphics, I have a new spikey Milo font tee that I’m about to print. It’s going to be a black tee with purple and white, and a navy tee with white and green. Pretty stoked on it. We’re also going to do a Deftones skull logo rip. Hopefully they turn out pretty sick. We should be selling them by the end of next week.” 

What was up with getting a Ticket at Rail Gardens?

Haha that was kind of insane. It was my first time there that season and I think we were only there for 30-40 minutes before the cops showed up, maybe less. I honestly thought they would’ve given us a warning or something but it was just instant ticket. We didn’t even hit the main line, parked in the back parking lot by the 16 and everything.  It’s pretty surreal that it’s fully illegal to snowboard in a public dog park. Especially since the sidewalks are all unmaintained in the winter anyway. There’s some new law written to specifically prohibit snowboarding there. It’s pretty ridiculous. I ended up having to pay a $250 fine for it. Pretty sure that’s what everyone else ended up with as well but not 100%. At the end of the day it was still a super fun session, but it’s really unfortunate that snowboarding is now illegal at such a historic spot. Especially since all the rails are so perfect, and everything has natural speed. Sadness.

Speaking of historic spots, Joseph Roby snipped a photo of the infamous red ledge in what is probably a pretty similar situation. First they turn it grey, then it get’s used for its intended purpose? Ridiculous.

Rob Roethler’s Bombhole provided some good humpday-humor last week. Funny to hear the story behind his viral Tik Tok in our Skynet shirt. Cop the shirt and you can become Tik Tok famous too.

Meliora’s new video, Sunday, dropped on the site last Friday. We’re gonna go out on a limb and say everyone was hoping it would drop on a Sunday—the punning captions would’ve been the lowest of low hanging fruit, so we’re happy it wasn’t.

Anyways, the truth is, this video could’ve dropped any day of the week and we’d still have it on repeat.

Kaishu Hirano turned heads, and subsequent phone screens, last week after going too big in an indoor pipe. Never thought this would be the case, especially after setting the world record with a 24.4ft backside air at last years Olympics. Then again, it could always be worse.

A more unconventional explanation—maybe he’s trying to recreate Reid Smith’s Snowboarder Mag cover.

Charlie’s culprits. We’re sitting on some unconsumed content from our Summer Retreat, so be on the lookout for some additions to our YouTube channel soon…

There was talk that American Dream Mall, the all-encompassing plaza where Big Snow lives, was going into default. While that might not be the case, the plot thickens as New Jersey grants continue to go unpaid.

Another Big Snow update for you:

Spotheads reminding us that Joey’s beeeen doing this shit. Some notable battles reside at 5:20, 8:15, and 13:00.

Zeb Powell perpetuates the Spotheads hysteria into this week, as he drops another Planet Zebulon from a few weeks ago at Woodward Copper. If you think “hysteria” is overkill, peep 5:43 to see what we’re talking about.

Sam Taxwood’s Strava account is the motivation you need. Taxwood, Big Jerm and Forrest Shearer went full-blown Lance Armstrong this past weekend, biking over 100 miles through Utah. 13,458 ft, 4,901 calories, and 10 hours later…we couldn’t think of a more fitting name than “Team Smoke Break”.

It’s common knowledge that Jed rips on any piece of wood, regardless of his stance. To add to this versatility, peep his cameo in the Stussy x Nike promo vid from last week.

The end of July is always hard for us. Dillon’s birthday was this past Friday (7/29), and we can’t help but reminisce on the many memories he left with us. Read an old interview, watch a classic video part, or gleam over the fact that the return of Dime’s Glory Challenge will benefit The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation.


Torment Tuesday News

| July 25th, 2022 |

A hectic second week of our Summer Retreat translates to a hectic TTN. Thanks to the revived Torment Van, we’ve been all over the place the past 7 days—Hood, Portland, Little Hawaii, you name it. So, between our haphazard happenings and the rest of the snowboard world, there’s a lot to cover. Let’s get into it.

Jenkem just dropped an interesting interview with Tung Nguyen, NYC graffiti\skateboard transplant turned pseudo snowboarder? He’s known for some pretty insane darkslides, but what peaked our interest is the fact that he probably has a better front lip than you. If that’s not enough, his riding also checks out on the mountain and in the streets.

On the topic of skateboarders who are probably better than you, here’s another one to add to the list. DC is about to close off the last week of summer boarding, and what better way to humble yourself into next winter than by seeing clips of John Shanahan ripping.

Time to steal your friends HBO Max login. Elana Height and Jeremy Jones kicked off the first episode of Edge of the Earth, where they attempt to descent Alaska’s coveted Mount Bertha. Do they succeed? Is there an overwhelming amount of dramatic music? Peep the episode, aptly titled Into the Void, to find out.

The Portland art show for Seen Snowboarding’s new film, From the Bottom of One’s Heart ended this past weekend. Fortunately, some of our favorite pieces are immortalized on Mikaela Kautzky’s gram. “Ladybug’s last first job” really stood out to us.

Lest you forget, the movie headed up to Vancouver yesterday to premiere at Anti Social. Looked super fun. They also got a feature in Lily Pad Mag’s upcoming Issue 3. Seen Snowboarding is all over the map, just as they should be.

How it started vs. How it ended.

Lil van update:

“So basically we got the van from High Cascade two years ago on a trade deal. It was sitting in Jon’s driveway since after putting about 3500 bucks into it. Then, because my suburban tranny blew, I needed a vehicle for Summer Retreat. It was unregistered without plates, but we rallied the shit out of it anyway bringing everyone up to the mountain each day, taking the old access road up and down, doing donuts in the parking lot, going to little hawaii, getting yelled at… it was a good time. With nowhere to leave it in Oregon, we needed a responsible caretaker for her. I asked around on who might wanna take the van and Dan McGonagle decided that he could drive it back to Salt Lake City. Still no plates, and, on top of that, I forgot the title at Jon’s house. So, he got pulled over at Jimmy John’s in Boise but somehow made it all the way like a goddamn road warrior. We are still unsure of how Aito obtained a can of spray paint but on the side of the van he attempted to write ‘smoke em if you got ’em and instead wrote ‘smoke me feel gomdam’”— Ian Boll

Not snowboard related, but we’re sure this applies to everyone.

Shitty meme’s got us thinking about Jess Kimura and a great conversation we had with here. She’s been MIA with the never-ending meme stories, so we decided to do some digging. Turns out she’s with Darrah Reid-McLean making the most out of the remaining snow pack at Brohm Ridge.

There’s too much Hood content to count…we’re losing track over here. So, we decided to focus on the new Big Snow park update. For a mere $39.99, you can ride 14 new features— a development that we can wrap our heads around (Hood ticket = $120).

I guess a few updates from the Jersey fridge never hurt anyone…

Aito Ito pulled up to our Summer Retreat and definitely left his mark. Not only was he the spray paint culprit, but he was also guilty for insane riding and good times. This Google Translate says it all.

Nice to see this little Jed tribute last week. Reminded us of his “Welcome to Adidas” edit that seemed to have vanished from the internet. It’s now private on Adidas’ YouTube…

House Call Only giving us a little sneak peak into what will undoubtedly be Stance’s most sought after collab. Great human, great socks, great purchase.

It’s either this or he’s sleeping. Lose, lose situation.

Just when you thought everyone and their mother was moving to Brooklyn, the one who initiated it all is leaving. Ironic, we know. Matt Roberge is packing up Vintage Sponsor and jumping ship to a new HQ in New Hampshire. Another reason to pull up to Loon next season…

Noiseradio.1 is back with some more mixes. Easily 6 hours of new music to keep you (in)sane. Thanks, Tommy.

And just when we thought our fisheye find from last week couldn’t be one-uped, @vx_fisheye_sales’s next post does just that. The new industry standard for on-hill boarding? Jk, inflation.


Torment Tuesday News

| July 19th, 2022 |

Dog days of summer has both of these ringing too true. Can’t help you with the wifi situation, but y’all can find some free inspiration here.

Cooper sightings all over the glacier this past week. Peep the first trick in this gram to see the Torment-proclaimed trick of the week for Session 5.

Lilypad Mag hosted a weekend respite, “Can I Just Chill?”, in Montreal a few days ago. Pretty paradoxical name for what was a seemingly frenzied weekend full of art, skating, and friends. Jed Anderson had some dope art there too.

We’re a week in to our annual Torment Summer Retreat, and while we hope Part 7 gives you some context into the on-hill happenings, we have a feeling theres more to be desired. Here’s an attempt to show just that.

Seems as if the lack of oxygen is only helping Harry Hagan’s filming. If he ever changes his mind…

On the topic of ingenious garments, smooth18 had a pop-up this past Saturday. Enjoy the video recap and check out some cool clothing on their site now.

The Summer Retreat update no one asked for. Just gonna leave this one here.

Losing braincells over here trying to think of the conversation that could have facilitated these facial expressions. Probably reminiscing on Good Sport

ICYMI: The view of our set up at Wild Cactus Boutique’s pop up. If you look close enough, you can see one of the last wholehearted tees waiting to be snagged :).

Out of Collective speaking facts over here.

Still losing sleep over this guy. Frankly, don’t think there will be a time when this isn’t triggering.

Ashbury unzipped us with this one. Simpler times when Signals “Every Third Thursday” series had us on our toes more than any given Netflix original.


Torment Tuesday News

| July 12th, 2022 |

A big week here at Torment. Between our new drop and one of our first pop ups at the end of the week, there’s a lot to get into.

We’re excited to announce that were headed over to Wild Cactus Boutique this Friday. Stop by, cop some of the new Summer ’22 Torment gear, drink some Juneshine’s, and get a tat from the one and only.

A week ago at Stryn Summerski. Is this Norway’s version of Hood?

The Torment van got a makeover. We’ll leave it up to you to see whats different.

We made it over to Seen Snowboarding’s premier of “From the Bottom of One’s Hearts” this past Saturday. Glad to see the Portland community showing out.

Meliora’s “Sunday” also premiered at CalSurf on Friday. From the looks of this insta post, a lot of homies pulled up. The FOMO was big on this one.

Rumor has it Mikaela Kautzky’s part in “From the bottom of one’s heart” is a banger. This slideshow is just the icing on the cake.

Mikaela’s part got us thinking about legendary video parts. We’re just gonna leave this one here.

Whose the Ticket Tail Culprit?

Nick Dirks, of course!

Mason Lemery with an all-time pairing. We honestly didn’t even know he was wearing sandals for half the day.


Torment Tuesday News

| July 5th, 2022 |

Another week in the books. Let’s get into it.

The context you didn’t ask for but need to see. Time to go rewatch Spencer’s ender in GOOD SPORT.

The next week at Mt. Hood looks incredible. Check out the 10-day forecast to get some serious FOMO.

SRD has been on a YouTube kick lately and we’re here for it. First it was BUCKAROO and Volume Three, and now it’s Gregor Zed’s raw files from Magic Trick. Oh yeah, and they’re still boarding in Alberta.

We have a feeling Brad was trying to reenact Krugs’ iconic backcountry experience this past spring. Automatic swipe right.

The release of Rav’s new book coincides with something a lot less exciting. If you can, go buy a copy of Spiraling Infinity to help donate to Kyle Murray’s GoFundMe. Two birds one stone.

If the past two weeks have shown us anything, it’s that you should have notifications turned on for Scott Stevens‘ seemingly never-ending insta stories. It’s slowly becoming the best way to stay up to date with the happenings on Mt. Hood.

In other words, when we saw these stories of Austin Vizz last week, we knew something more enduring was in the works. Thanks for the intel, Scott.

If our most recent article from Issue FOUR didn’t stress the importance of regulating clean energy, then the Supreme Court’s most recent blow to our country should.

This time around, SCOTUS’s damage came in the form of limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. Check out Jeremy Jones’s post to learn more about how this impacts climate change and the mid term’s this coming November.

You’ve probably been wondering how to pronounce the name or who is behind the “brand” that is SINQILS. We still don’t know how to pronounce it, but we do know Peter Cerulo is on to something. He just dropped new items on the site and even invited the one and only Neils Schack for a guest artist piece.

Grab a shirt, tote, or hoodie while they last and watch some Pete footy while you’re at it.


Torment Tuesday News

| June 28th, 2022 |

Another TTN from our favorite Glacier. Let’s get into it.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss 2016. Rap music was at its peak, Donald Trump didn’t have the unsettling title of POTUS yet, and Mt. Hood was one unified glacier.

Simply put, it was a fever dream….but all good things must come to an end. So, in the same way that Britain voted to leave the EU that year, the Mt. Hood execs voted to on a brexit of their own. Windells and High cascade parted ways. With session 1 wrapped up, we reminisce on simpler times when this video may have been a bit more relevant.

Only one rider comes to mind when looking at this. A #brissespot for sure.

Pink Dollar Possy came out with a lil interview highlighting Jeff DeForge’s coming out story. Super proud to watch that, as well as revisit his coming out edit from 2017.

Capita & Union week is underway, and just like the duo above, we’re already fired up by the footage of Arthur and Rave.

We caught wind of skier trading cards a while back, and it’s been a ticking time bomb ever since. Boarders is now a thing…so if you want to see Grace Warner, Joey Leon, Phil Hansen or Keegan Hosefros (among many others) on a baseball card, then your dreams are now a reality.

Mack Dawg sighting at Hood.

It’s been a little over a month since Nora Beck hurt her T12 vertebrae at IT’s TITS. We’re glad to see this update from her today. If you can donate, show her GoFundMe some love.


Kyle Murray has been a supporter since day one. He literally wore his Torment hoodie everyday last winter. Help Kyle kick lymphomas butt and donate to his GoFundMe if you can.

In other news, be on the look out for a summer update on our end. Our store will be looking a little different soon enough.

New edit from our Alaskan native to the lower 48 transplant friend, Brendan Hupp, is sure to light the fire under any transition skateboarder’s ass. Even if you don’t get down like this, it’ll get ya in the mood to cause a ruckus.


Torment Tuesday News

| June 21st, 2022 |

Excited for this one. A seemingly dynamic past 7 days on this planet we call Earth. Let’s get into this TTN.

The NBA Finals have come and gone, and congrats, as always, to the Warriors. It seems like it’s the Dub Nation and we’re just living in it.

Anyways, the past week reminded us of Lil Wayne’s unconventional style choices. If the Lakers were in the matchup, we’re sure Lil Wayne would have ran it back with a pair of Vans boots. Maybe this time it would’ve been something along the lines of the Taxwood pro model or Kennedi Deck fan favorite.

Rate Parker's Drip

Speaking of unorthodox fashion, it only feels right to bring up Parker Szumowski’s most recent golf attire. We’ll leave the judging to you.

One more fashion curveball to throw your way.

On another note, we woke up to a nice little surprise this morning. SRD re-uploaded a bunch of older videos to their Youtube. Check out their channel and take a trip down memory lane.

Some things are too good to be true. Last week we caught wind of a potential freak snowstorm in Mexico City. We were hours away from making the trek for last minute clips until we realized it was hail that was covering the city, not snow. Patience is a virtue.

Nik may have transitioned to summer mode, and we’re happy for him. By the looks of it, he seemed to have found himself. But, for those of us that are still chasing the snow, the FDOH of High Cascade went down yesterday. The Dakine crew is surely setting the tone for the summer, and if Kennedi’s nosepress is any indication, the bar has been set high.

If you are making it to Hood, check out Public Snowboards “Summer Programming” drop that went live last week. The water bottle seems like a must have on hill.

By the time you’re reading this, the Adult Toy Game of Skate is probably going down. But, given the legendary pairing (Lizard King vs Jeremy Jones), we hope you’re reading it after the fact. We pray for anyone on their phone during this battle.

Bryden Bowley hits us with another remix. 16 minutes of goosebumps.


Torment Tuesday News

| June 14th, 2022 |

We welcome you to another TTN. Between the Great Salt Lake drying up, cars getting stolen, and summertime boarding, there’s a lot to cover. Shall we?

It’s been two weeks since the release of Stranger Things season 4 (we’re still bigger fans of Miles Fallon’s debut in strange surfing), and while we intended to watch and see what this meme was all about, we were hit with a curveball that took precedent over everything else. Jp Walker’s Bombhole episode dropped this past Wednesday, and, to put it lightly, it unzipped us.

The longest Bombhole episode that is as therapeutic as it is eye opening. A must watch.

Public submissions for Issue FIVE are open, and as always, we’re down to see anything you got this past year. Email us at, let’s keep em coming.

Sessions dropped some sick footage of Elias Lamm in what was their way of revealing their most recent addition to the team. Congrats Elias, always great to see Pink Dollar Possy get some love.

It’s always a rough week when someone’s shit gets stolen. This week was a double header, as Cole Navin’s car got stolen on Sunday and then Jill Perkins car got stolen (and luckily found) on Monday. If you’re in Portland, keep your eyes out for a white Toyota 4Runner with new tires and rims—this world is a fucked up place right now.

Zeb content was in full force this week, but what’s new. The most recent episode of his vlog dropped, and we were stoked to see him make it to Utah, specifically the Dustbox Be Somebody rail jam. Watching him battle that back 2 on was something else.

The only thing that seemed to one up this footage was his raw files from Spotheads 2 which just dropped. Cool to see some BTS of his winter, especially how he was able to pull off that iconic one-finger salute.

Anybody know what Taylor Clark is up to?

Harrison Gordon & Co pulled up to Big Snow last week and effectively shut it down. But seriously, a new park set up might not even help our favorite dome, as the mega mall continues to miss payments on an $800m bond, causing them to go potentially go into default. June 16th is the deadline—we’re eagerly waiting to see how this impacts summer boarding.

For all our jib homies out there.

Village Psychic Diamond Jam 2022 happened over the weekend in NYC with Jake Durham behind the lens. Forest Bailey even pulled up to put up a back tail on the newest obstacle at Blue Park.

The first week of Woodward Copper is a wrap. We hope they’re keeping the same energy.

Cooper Vosburg, Pine Knob local & editor of Corrupt, put together an edit of his skateboard clips from 2021. Peep ‘em and setup a crispy, the concrete is calling. 


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