First Annual Ojofest—Photo Gallery

First Annual Ojofest—Photo Gallery

| March 27th, 2022 |

The North Face Launches the Athlete Development Program

The North Face Launches the Athlete Development Program

| March 16th, 2022 |

This could be you after joining the Athlete Development Program

The North Face team has had a standout season. Cole Navin’s shots in living room initiated this thought, Blake Paul’s showing at the Natural Selection Tour kept the ball rolling, and then Jess Kimura’s award winning film, Learning to Drown, gave us this lasting impression. Then, as if we needed any more reasoning, Schubert’s standout shots in Good Sport ingrained this reality in our memory indefinitely. The notion that The North Face has a stacked team is objective—hell, everyone and their mother wants to associate with them.

Well, lucky for you, The North Face is providing the opportunity to not only join the team with a 2-year contract, but also reap the benefits of athlete mentorship, educational sessions, and potential collaboration opportunities. There’s no better time to join forces with The North Face, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Read more about the opportunity below.

We are searching for athletes that reflect the future of exploration.

Reach the next level of your sport in our Athlete Development Program, created to accelerate your potential. From mentorship with team athletes to educational sessions and collaboration opportunities with The North Face, our goal is to give you the resources to amplify your talent.

What to expect.

We’re offering 15-20 emerging athletes the opportunity to earn a 2-year athlete contract* which includes financial and product assistance.

During the contract term, you will participate in a 3-month development onboarding experience, 9 months of mentorship with a current team athlete, educational sessions and the potential for additional collaboration opportunities with The North Face. Our goal is to offer resources for athletic, social and personal growth.

Selection process.

All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee within The North Face and in partnership with an external advisory panel of athletes, community members and educators. Selection will take place through Spring 2022. All applicants will be notified upon selection.

Advisory panel.

Meet the Panel:

Who can apply?

We are looking for driven athletes who are passionate about reaching the next level of their sport. This sense of passion should also inform their desire to reflect a more inclusive outdoor community. With that goal in mind, we encourage athletes from communities that are historically excluded or marginalized to apply.

Accepted athletes in the program will be expected to actively practice one of The North Face’s focus sport areas—climbing, skiing, snowboarding, trail running and/or alpinism— and represent the brand via community and social engagement.

*Applicants must be 16 years of age or older and based in the United States to apply.

*Applicants are expected to be interested in full 2-year commitment. All contracts are at-will and based on participants continued interest.


Torment Tuesday News

| March 8th, 2022 |

Mary Rand straight lining at Mt. Baker | Vans Snow

Here we are. It’s another week at the Torment HQ, and, like clockwork, we find ourselves reminiscing over the past week in our eventful snowboard world. If it wasn’t the Torment art that made our week, then it would surely have been the spirit raising news of Big Snow’s prospective reopening on Memorial Day. There’s always something to be grateful for, you just have to know where to look :). Let’s get into it.

Dope Boards take precedent— anytime, anywhere. | Dope Industries

East Street Archives is resurrecting the golden days of snowboarding in Southern Vermont. Now, he’s bringing the SoVT hype to three Burton locations across the east coast. Check out his gram to see where you can link him and some legendary boarders for free beer and memories.

March is Brain Injury Awareness month, but a 30-day period shouldn’t incentivize you to understand your brain health and it’s subsequent risk when snowboarding. This incentive should come from within. Even so, Save A Brain is taking the initiative to educate our community on brain health so that it’s a daily discussion. Check out this post if you’re struggling with your brain health or just want to know more about the only organ that named itself.

Panic Order has been sitting on some sick posters of shots from their 20/21 season filming for Pump Track. Dont panic though, just head to their shop to purchase.

Chris Beresford has been sporting a relic of a new pro model board. Check out his gram to see Scott Stevens pro model for next year. A true tribute to an OG graphic pioneered by Lamar and Sims (among a few others).

Cooper Vosburg captured the second installment of PK Radio, featuring some antics from Chase Blakely and Drake Warner.

The late Virgil Abloh left his mark on many different cultures, and how could you forget snowboarding. First it was the Ride Algorythm, and now it’s presumably a whole line with Burton. Only time will tell. Specifically, March 22nd.

OG Analog ad | Matt Roberge

Good Zones has been stacked with goods recently. Make sure to check out their site with a sense of religious urgency—shit goes quick. For know, you could get your hands on this water bottle you didn’t know you needed, or reup on some Bruhlers. Check out the full selection here and get lost in the drip.

The tension is palpable | Dust Box


Torment Tuesday News

| March 1st, 2022 |

Durham’s board is on point. Shouts to his Grand Ma.

New month, new week, new TTN. Welcome back to the inside scoop of everything that went down this past week. With March’s (sub)optimal weather rolling in, we’re confident the next four weeks will provide for some great news all across the globe.

A breath of fresh air from Finland

Colton Feldman dropped some limited Good Sport crewnecks, and within an hour they sold out. Hopefully you didn’t sleep on this release in the same way you slept on the the BATWING face masks. Luckily for you, BATWING will run a limited restock later this week…

If you frequent biking in the offseason, then you’re in luck. Zeb Powell teamed up with iFIT so that you can ride with him anytime, anywhere :). Now thats some interactive training that we can back.

The fifth annual Lord of the Ropes went down this past Friday at Trollhaugen. If you’re not from the Midwest, then it’s understandable that you didn’t religiously watch the live stream on what was surely your eventful Friday night.

The night was probably more eventful than yours for a few reasons. Notably, Mike Skiba turned pro for Evol Snowboards, where his family surprised him at the top of the rope tow. It was beautiful. Now, to add to the tear-provoking experience, it’s important to note that his brother, Ben, did the artwork for the board. Watch Skiba’s board reveal here, this one was a long time coming.

Oh yeah, and Benny Milam continues to dominate, as he was crowned this years Lord of the Ropes.

Tyler Lynch‘s Bombhole drops tomorrow morning. From the golden days in Lake Tahoe to the Soup Kitchen’s and Sabaland…were ready for this one.

The second stop of the Natural Selection Tour went down last week. We still don’t know who won, so I guess we’ll have to wait until March 16th.

How Long Did It Take Joey To Break His Board?

"A week or so, everything's a blur this time of year"- Joey Leon

Update from the Spotheads:

“We finally got back to Canada a couple times which was super sick to see all those homies again after not being able to see em last year. Now we’re on our second Boston trip. We’ve also been filming some pretty exciting super 8 which i cant wait to develop hahaha.”

Kas in Helsinki
Norm in Vermont


Torment Twosday News

Welcome back to arguably the most notable Tuesday of the year. Aside from the date being a palindrome, the reoccurring 2’s serve a more significant purpose in the snowboard world. Today is J2’s day, a day that celebrates the life of Jason Rasmus. J2 is a reminder to snowboard for all the right reasons, and to tell your friends you love them.

Heavy hitters from Poland. Hit them with the dm to get the full version and a copy of their mag.

Caleb Flowers insta story provides

Hyland Hills’ decided to poke the dragon with this new setup. Needless to say, this decision will provide for some serious insta clips (or carnage?)

The Olympics have come and gone, and with the inevitable controversies still lingering, we’re glad to find some solace in the hopes of better judging at the next stop of the Natural Selection Tour. Baldface is stop #2 on the tour, and the fact that it wont be live until March 13th is a contentious topic to say the least.

The NST- Atlas Pro

Union dropped a collab with the Natural Selection Tour. Another addition to the 22/23 Atlas’s that are slowing becoming ubiquitous at any hill.

The 2022 Snow Globes are LIVE. There’s 9 awards to vote on, and you can only vote once, so take your time. The two other awards, Photographer of the Year and Advocate of the Year, will be voted for in a different fashion, so keep your eyes peeled on Instagram.

The North Face and KAWS have a collection in the works. Check out the photos from Mary Rand’s instagram below to get a sneak peak.

CNN Storm Tracker

TTN 021522

Torment Tuesday News

| February 15th, 2022 |

It’s Tuesday again, and while we haven’t made it past hump day, there’s been enough news to get us through even the slowest of days. In the past week, a few videos have dropped and there’s been enough drama surrounding the Olympics to keep us talking for the whole month. We’ll leave it at that.

Brandon Davis and Ryan Finder are a combination we back. Not to mention, when they link up with Keegan Hosefros and Mason Lemery, it’s that much more exciting. The crew shows us the importance of avalanche courses and 10 hours drive to Idaho.

It’s only right that the Magoon’s were the one’s to reignite the hype around Kingvale. Their inaugural Goon Jam Tour ended at California’s sole rope tow, where the iconic orange rails resurfaced with a hype and afterbang that we’ve missed for a while now.

Obligatory Dust Box igloo update. Working hard or hardly working?

Johnny O’Connor has been kicking it with the WOP homies…just wait on it. Until then, here’s a clip to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Schubert

TTN 020122

Torment Tuesday News

| February 1st, 2022 |

OG Bonfire ad courtesy of Jeff Curtes and vintage_snowbaord_ads

It’s February folks. We’re in the thick of it, and, while we should’ve expected it by now, here at Torment it’s been none stop traveling. Mostly east coast, some west coast, and maybe some Euro love if we’re lucky? Nonetheless, we’re taking some time out of this packed month to give you some updates in our eventful snowboard world.

SPOTHEADS‘ esteemed female counterpart had a hell of a season. This was particularly evident through her standout part in the Uninvited 3, where she embodied the blood, sweat, and tears that the movie was founded on—Jess is surely proud. But, just in case you missed it, her loving brother decided to remix her clips for our viewing pleasure. Thanks for that, Joey. Now we can watch her terrorize iconic spots like the Burlington High DFD.

Salomon kept it low key, but today they revealed the ins and outs of their prototyping process through an audio-visual gift titled 2021 Hillside Projects.

The 14-minute doc follows Wolle Nyvelt’s creative approach to board design over the years, where he brings in Josh Dirksen, Victor Daviet, and Max Buri to test his shapes in various conditions.

Simply put, “The Hillside Project Series is a continuous pursuit in the development of authentic powder shapes, designed to reflect diversity in terrain, snow, and riding style. This is our vision of powder riding.

CNN Storm Tracker

From the looks of it, Denver and the Mid West might be in for some snow. Looking like rain for the east coast. Kudos to the Dust Box for already being in Ohio…it’s almost like they’re prophetic or something.

Europe will hopefully reap the benefits of this storm too, as it looks like this snowfall will continue into the outskirts of Western Europe.

Vintage Sponsor’s winter drop has hit the web. Don’t all rush to the site at once…Here’s a few of our favorite pieces.

Baden and Brown Cinema‘s newest recruit

TTN 012522

Torment Tuesday News

| January 25th, 2022 |

Snowboarding’s seasoned meme lord coming through with the best NST meme yet

The first month of 2022 has proven to be invariably more enjoyable than 2021. Albeit the lingering COVID restrictions that seem to permeate into everyday life, there’s a breath of fresh air in snowboarding that perfectly coincides with the start of the new year. Maybe it’s back to back weekends of snowboard contests that we, and frankly everyone, back wholeheartedly, or maybe it’s the plethora of instagram stories from various crews that foreshadows how heavy next Fall’s premiere season is going to be. *Cough* Ezra Racine linkage with Book Club *Cough*. Either way, this week, like every other week this year, has been a W for snowboarding. Let’s get into it.

Parker Szumowski goes pro. Long time coming. Cheers buddy. If you needed to refresh your memory, here’s one of the many reasons why.

The DIllon Ojo snowpark is now free to the public. If you’re in Montreal, head to Olypmic Park Stadium and hit some rails in honor of our boy.

Some iconic podiums from the past week:

Zoi Sadowski-Synnot takes the top spot in X Games slope with arguably the best run in women’s history. If she was competing in the Natural Selection Tour this week, we wouldn’t put it past her to come out with back to cack W’s.

Lila Yeoman won the Jr. Freeride Tour Championships in Austria. After winning the Roxy MAKE WAVES. MOVE MOUNTAINS. Snow Contest, she raised eyebrows, but now, it’s all eyes on her.

How Many Tries for Jed to Boardslide?
HBD Spencer


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