The Dustbox’s “Be Somebody” Event- Video Recap

| April 14th, 2022 |

This past Thursday at Vivant Arena was one for the books. The sun was shinning, the infamous kink rail was un-nobbed, and, for once, the arena steps were filled with fans more excited to see snowboarding than the Utah Jazz.

Objectively speaking, this day hosted more entertainment than any given home game this season. Between Jonas’s djing, Jill’s coveted t-shirt gun, and Tommy’s unmatched Em Cee skills, the day was filled with varying degrees of amusement—the only constant seemed to be the Cobra Dogs line.

Watch along and be reminded that snowboarding is flourishing, and the Dustbox is at the forefront. You’re either with them or against them.

Filmed by: Jon Stark & Cole Navin


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