The BATWING Promo Video

| December 8th, 2021 |

​​The Batwing promo vid comes at the perfect time. Bone Zone just wrapped up for the season, snow is finally starting to fall on the east coast, and these emblematic hats are popping up left and right. It’s only natural to start the season acknowledging the hype that’s been brewing around your favorite snowboarder’s favorite brand.

However, Batwing is more than a brand. This tight knit crew, brought together by the fabrics of friendships, cotton, polyester, or whatever hats are made of nowadays, is symbolic of the never ending opportunities that snowboarding creates. What once started as a friend group spearheading an idea has now turned into a leading force on hill, and whether they’re hosting the Chili-Dog Suck Fest at Bone Zone or hot lapping Mt Hood, their infectious energy permeates the snowboard community at large. Jeff Holce, Dylan Okurowski, Katie Kennedy, Norm, Mikey Tuck, and the rest of the Batwing crew are now a part of something bigger than themselves, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Featuring: Jagger Heckman, Dylan Okurowski, Parker Duke, Jeff Holce, Katie Kennedy, NORM, Mikey Tuck, Keegan Hosefros, Skinny Griff Friggard, Makalu Arnold, Casey Savage, Jill Perkins, and Sierra Forcheimer

Film and Edit: Jack Reid

Additional Filming: Paul Osborne, Keith Skyta, Devin Bernard, and Murph

All Photos via Batwing Instagram



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