18smooth18 presents “something for us”

| November 7th, 2021 |

Filmed and edited by Estavon Hawley

Somewhere off of I-94 between Detroit and Chicago a snowboard crew exists that produces their own progressively designed clothing lines while simultaneously representing the entire left half of the state of Michigan to the snowboard world at large. “something for us” is a time capsule of a film that demonstrates a midwest snowboard culture that is in and of itself its own thing entirely without much outside influence from the homogenized snowboard cultures out west.

Featuring: Evan Findling, Krylan Pederson, Evan Wilson, Renz Machiela, Charlie Vandemarc, and Noah Genzink

Additional Filming: Joe Trimner, Evan Findling, Milo Vandyke, Krylan Pederson.

Tracklist: Mother – Broom Rainer Maria – I love you too All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors – Your Imagination Still Life – Useless Bowery Electric – Empty Words Special

Thank you to: Issac Adams, Jake Durham, Steve, Josie, Unemployment, the Vine, Justin Sanders, spliffs, all the snowboard mags, everyone who helped or supports us.




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